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Life insurance offers peace of mind by providing beneficiaries with lump-sum payments upon the insured party's passing or after a specified period. It ensures financial security by replacing lost income and covering expenses. At Top Life Insurance Quote, we offer comprehensive life insurance policies tailored to your needs.


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Understanding Term Life Insurance


Term life is a contract designed to cover your life for a defined length of time, also known as a ‘term’. Term coverage is ideal for temporary protection, made to cover your financial obligations such as a mortgage, education costs, or income replacement during the working years. You can typically get term coverage anywhere from 10 years to 30 years, although 20 years is the most common. Some of our insurance carriers offer up to 40 years of term coverage. Level term, meaning your payment (premium) and payout (death benefit) stays level, or the same, until the end of the term period. This is the most straightforward of life insurance options and requires very little maintenance for policy owners.

Term Life Insurance in Action

How Does Term Life Insurance Work?

Life insurance helps you plan ahead and provide long-term financial security for your family when they would need it most. A term life insurance policy can help ensure their future is protected.

  • Simple Commitment

    You agree to regular payments to the insurance company for a specified period.

  • Beneficiary Guarantee

    Insurer ensures your beneficiary receives a tax-free* payout if you pass away during the term.

  • Death Benefit and Flexibility

    Loved ones receive the death benefit typically as a lump sum cash payment, which can cover various expenses like mortgages, funeral costs, or college tuition. The money doesn’t have to go to one person, offering flexibility in allocation.


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Five Factors That

Impact Your Life Insurance Rates

Age-Related Premium Increase

Age-Related Premium Increase

Buying life insurance costs a lot more as you age

Men, Smokers, and Obesity

Resident Care

Men, smokers, and obese people all pay higher rates

Chronic Health Conditions

Chronic Health Conditions

If you have a chronic health condition, it’ll cost you

Whole Life vs. Term Life

Whole Life vs. Term Life

A whole life policy costs more than a term life policy

Premiums and Death Benefit Correlation

Premiums and Death Benefit Correlation

Higher death benefits come with higher premiums

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